Say goodnight to One Night Friend and use AFF

Say goodnight to One Night Friend and use AFF

This site is a tricky one. By that, we mean that they spend a lot of effort trying to trick you into signing up. In our Onenightfriend review, we found a site that is completely untrustworthy and filled with bots sending fake messages. We HIGHLY recommend that you avoid this site completely and go with a site that is actually proven to work (and has real women using it). AFF has been working best for us and you can try it for free using the buttons above.

  1. We received over 50 fake messages sent to a completely blank profile (crazy)
  2. Many of the profiles we looked at were obvious fakes with images taken from other sites (super sketchy)
  3. We immediately began receiving very targeted messages from women who met our search criteria even if we didn’t click on their profiles (even more sketchy)

All of the above points toward a site that is very obviously trying to rip you off. We didn’t even fill out a profile or upload a photo and DOZENS of beautiful women were messaging us asking that we upload a photo. Does that sound even remotely real?

Do yourself a favor and run away from One Night Friend as fast as possible. This is one of the most obviously fake sites we have reviewed. Do yourself a favor and use a legit site like AFF if you actually want to get results.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve reviewed tons of dating sites, the bad and the good, and we know what to look for. Keep reading our OneNightFriend review to figure out the specifics of why we rated them sooooo low!

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